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Classroom Tools

Fed up of paying for tools to use in your classroom? Fed up of tools you know and love not working on the latest operating system? Fed up of schools not letting you install tools that could transform your classroom? Why not use an HTML5 web-based solution: WARNING: You need an HTML5 compatible browser (chrome,firefox,safari,IE9) to use these tools!

Free books

A wikibook dedicated to the AQA A-Level Computing course, covering the following:

  • AQA A-Level Computing Unit 1
  • AQA A-Level Computing Unit 2 (completed)
  • AQA A-Level Computing Unit 3
  • AQA A-Level Computing Unit 4


Why doesn't XYZ work on my browser?

Make sure you are using the latest HTML5 browser:

Can I print your book to use in my lessons?

Absolutely. Read the license restrictions on wikibooks and take a look at the page with 'printable' versions on it.

I've found a mistake in your book

Don't be shy, jumpt straight in and try to fix it using the edit command at the top of each wiki page.

There is still a problem...

Email me at misterkemp at the mail service run by google.


This site is hand coded by a teacher in London. He doesn't love computers and should spend more of his time exploring the world around him instead of sitting in front of a laptop. However, he sees them as a very useful tool and doesn't think any less of those people who do love them.